BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 03/26/2019

BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 03/26/2019

Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin BINANCE:BCDBTC

In the previous forecast we talked about buy area 0196-0200.
Today the price reached level 0197. But from this level the price showed weak reaction from the bulls, the
vertical volume is also low. So the priority remains bearish .
For buy position we need to see the true breakout level 0207 (break of the downward structure) or see the bull initiative on the 0192 (max volume of the balance).

Buy: area 0192 (with confirmation)
Take Profit1: 0207
Take Profit2: 0218
Take Profit3: 0234

Buy: 0207 (after true breakout)
Take Profit1: 0218
Take Profit2: 0234
Take Profit3: 0292

Stop Loss 1-2%

Priority: Bear

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