BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 04/17/2019

BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 04/17/2019

Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin BINANCE:BCDBTC

Last time we said that if the price will show breakdown 0217-0219 area by impulse, the price goes to 0201.
And actually it happened. The price failed to hold above 0236 and then reached 0201 in next week.
This is the level where the last pamp was from. And now the price will either show a sharp increase again, or it will stand in consolidation. The second option is more likely.
If the price will breakdown level 0201, it will goes to 0192 (max volume ).

Buy: area 0217-0219 (after true breakout)
Take Profit1: 0246
Take Profit2: 0253
Take Profit3: 0275

Buy: 0192
Take Profit1: 0218
Take Profit2: 0246
Take Profit3: 0253

Stop Loss 1-2%

Priority: Bear

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