BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 11/30/2018

BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 11/30/2018

Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin BINANCE:BCDBTC

The price reached our support level 0240. If you bought from this level I recommend protect you positions
with breakeven stop loss.
There are 2 reasons for this:
1. The price showed weak bull reaction and formed
new mini pullback level – 0242.
2. The price formed new mini-balance. And if
this balance goes down, the price fall to 0216-0220.

If you have not bought, wait until the balance goes
up or down. If up, buy at retest, if down, wait for the support level below.

Buy: 0251 (after breakout)
Take Profit1: 0268
Take Profit2: 0294

Re-Enter: 0216-0220
Take Profit1: 0237
Take Profit2: 0262
Take Profit3: 0294

Stop Loss <1%

Priority: Balance
Final Signal: Buy after breakout 0251
or re-enter 0216

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