Bitcoin Cash developers gathered in San Francisco for the first of many BCH Devcons hosted by Bitmain ’s blockchain development fund Permissionless Ventures

On Wednesday and Thursday Bitcoin Cash developers gathered in San Francisco for the first of many BCH Devcons hosted by Bitmain’s blockchain development fund Permissionless Ventures. A slew of teams participated in the three-day hackathon resulting in two big winners who took home 15 BCH worth of winning prizes.

Three Days of Bitcoin Cash Development and Innovation

San Francisco hosted the first BCH-centric developer hackathon hosted by Permissionless Ventures. Fifteen teams gathered to the city for the BCH Devcon where it saw software programmers from all around the world build new projects using the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Further, the participants had help from technical advisors stemming from BCH projects such as Bitbox, Coinbase, Money Button, and Bitcoin ABC. Representatives from who attended the hackathon said the event was a huge success as many programmers submitted very interesting concepts during the three day run.

BCH Devcon Streamlines Bitcoin Innovation in San Francisco

Fifteen teams competed for prizes by hacking away at BCH code to build killer apps using the protocol.

Some of the projects submitted include a local BCH trading application called Nearby Cash, Pixelwallet, a project that attaches BCH to pictures in a steganographic fashion, Cashygram, a BCH payment tool for Telegram, and a voting protocol called Bitvote that enables anonymous voting using the BCH chain. Other projects included solutions geared towards the Wormhole protocol and smart contract capabilities. The development team ‘Mac & Gs’ created a game based off the Simple Ledger (SLP) token protocol.

BCH Devcon Streamlines Bitcoin Innovation in San Francisco

Mac & Gs team uses SLP in a game. 

A Dish Served With Yenom, Broccoli, and Mac & Gs

The first place winner went to the Japan-based development team, Yenom, who created a Money Button-like application that’s more akin to the Badger Button but without tokens. Yenom also developed a chrome extension that enables micropayments, and an app called ‘Kittyhub’ where you pay $0.05 to remove annoying ads online.

BCH Devcon Streamlines Bitcoin Innovation in San Francisco

The Japan-based Yenom team takes first place at the BCH Devcon winning 10 BCH.

The second place winners went to the creators of the application, which enables cheap batched transaction services and invoicing so employers can pay part-time and full-time contractors in bitcoin cash. The ‘Mac & Gs’ crew got an honorable mention for their SLP-powered game protocol.

After the conference, spoke with the creator of Bitbox, Gabriel Cardona, a BCH Devcon judge who told us the first event was filled with energy and enthusiasm.

“The first BCH Devcon is a milestone for our entire industry — The BCH Gang traveled from all over to meet up and show the world what’s possible with Bitcoin Cash”.

The Bitbox developer emphasized further:

“The event was amazing and the judges agree that the quality of submissions was higher than anyone expected — Right now Bitcoin Cash is transitioning between chapters. The work we did during chapter one has set the stage for an explosion of utility and apps as was demonstrated at the BCH Devcon.”

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