Bitcoin Gold / Dollar

I am happy to continue recommending that you ADD TO YOUR BTG             3.15% POSITION, and if you haven’t bought it, BUY IT.

Here are a few reasons why:

a) BTG             3.15% price is at the bottom, literally. The same bottom when the coin was just started. Don’t blame BTG             3.15% for this as EVERYTHING IS DOWN. This is a good time to buy it because there is no one selling it! BTG             3.15% looks like it’s always going down, because it is TOO NEW to see the history of the past. It was formed on a bull market, and we are seeing a bear market for the last few months, so it continues to go down as the market goes down. Wait until a bull market starts, and this coin will succeed. BTG             3.15% has held its position in the top 20 since the beginning, with every bull and bear market trend. Keep that in mind!
b) BTG             3.15% is supported by 100,000 community of members who are also hodlers! I don’t believe that is not going away. Even if it trades at it’s low, it will still go to new highs when the market recovers.


a) New exchanges, wallets, and services are supporting BTG             3.15% weekly! Just follow Bitcoin             1.01% Gold             -0.03% Twitter – and you will see for yourself.

b) BTGPAY is going to change the game! Connecting merchants, ecommerce, with wallet holders is going to put BTG             3.15% on the leader board of organizations that moved Crypto Currency forward!
If you are day trading and looking to make a quick buck, Do not bother investing into BTG             3.15% . BTG             3.15% may not be volatile enough for you to make profit. But if you are looking to invest into something meaningful, and get a good return, then this is the coin to BUY AND HODL regardless of the price. And at today’s price, you simply will not get it ever again after the market recovers. This is your rare opportunity to get BTG             3.15% at an oversold price.
If you are a Crypto Currency HODLER, HODL Bitcoin             1.01% Gold             -0.03% . Support this organization because they are one of the few that are setting the bar higher to get Crypto currency into the real world.

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