CoinMarketCap, one of the most popular crypto data tracking websites, announced a new pro-level and fee-based API on Wednesday

While a public API is already offered by CoinMarketCap, the new one will provide “additional endpoints, more calls, higher rate limits, exchange and market and historical data for the commercial tiers,” vice president of marketing at CoinMarketCap.

Chan said that the new professional API is a result of “a lot of inbound requests” of their data from developers and funds who were looking for a “more robust” API that can scale with their offerings.

The new API is now available at three off-the-shelf tiers, with costs ranging from $79 to $699. Once subscribed, developers and funds will have the ability to utilize CoinMarketCap’s data that it aggregates from hundreds of crypto exchanges.

“Our API comes with a best-in-class developer dashboard that will help every developer – from hobbyist to large-scale cryptocurrency product teams – make the most of our data,” Brandon Chez, founder of CoinMarketCap, said in a statement.

Aside from the much anticipated API, several other “highly-requested” new features have also been added to CoinMarketCap, including data from derivatives markets, a new exchange ranking system, a daily newsletter and an update to its iOS app.

“As our new product releases show, we are constantly updating so that we can help to grow adoption of cryptocurrency. If you also believe in what we want to achieve, we look forward to having you join our decentralized team around the world,” Chez said.