Coinmint offering crypto mining investors high percentage interest rates

Coinmint LLC is turning a former New York State smelting factory into a sprawling cryptocurrency mining facility.

To finance the project, the digital currency data company is offering high-percentage interest rates to lenders looking to take a dive into cryptocurrency.

Show Me The Money

Coinmint LLC is taking up a massive renovation project, turning a former aluminum smelting facility in Upstate New York into a cryptocurrency mining farm. The company claims to operate the largest digital currency data center in the world. According to Bloomberg:

“Coinmint LLC is seeking to borrow as much as $50 million over five years to purchase and install servers at its sprawling 1,300-acre site in Massena, NY.”

Coinmint is offering as much as 12 percent returns to lenders. This is a higher rate than nearly all of the top-ten rated high yield bonds, as reported by U.S. News in March.

As higher interest rates usually coincide with a higher percentage of risk, it could be expected that many lenders will assume the project is a high risk simply because it involves cryptocurrency, mining, and digital assets. Even investors with experience in the cryptocurrency markets might assume the bear market will continue throughout the next year or so, and choose to avoid exposing themselves to adverse risk.

However, with the recent uptick in cryptocurrency investments from established financial institutions, Coinmint might not have such a difficult time raising its funds.

Mining To The Moon

The Massena, New York facility is positioned advantageously in an area with a cool year-round climate and sits directly next to the St. Lawerence River, allowing for cheap and plentiful hydroelectric power.

Cryptocurrency mining has been on the decline over the course of the year.

The explosiveness and speed of the last bull run ended almost as quickly as it started, and left many investors to witness the polarity and volatility potential of the cryptocurrency market.

Mining companies were popping up everywhere with dreams of building the biggest mining farms and making the most profits with the expectation that cryptocurrency prices would continue to fly to the moon. Those dreams were dashed for many over the past ten months. However, the increased interest from miners and institutional investors as of late might be positive signals for the year to come.

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