More than a third of German logistics managers believe that Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly improve cooperation in supply chains

As the survey that was published on November 12 states, the third of German logistics managers think that blockchain technology is the best way to improve supply chain cooperation.

As it always happens there were several thoughts about the topic. There were a lot of participants in the survey and all of them answered one question: “Which technologies are important in order to improve cooperation of the supply chain”. As the survey showed, 35% of participants went for the answer that blockchain is the most important aspect and only 33% of them considers big data important for the supply chain.

Participants also considered the importance of Cyber-Physical Systems (56%), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (46%), and Sensor Monitoring and Data Acquisition Systems(44%).

Of course, companies that are considered large, the percentage of people who feel the importance of blockchain in the supply chain is higher and it is more than half of all the supply chain managers in the company.

The blockchain is the best known for its efficiency and of course security, and also the reason as to why three-quarters of German companies consider blockchain the best way to increase efficiency in the supply chain. More than half of the respondents from large companies think that in the angle of security, blockchain, again is the best way to go.

The popularity of blockchain technology in the logistics industry is increasing significantly, the best example to prove this statement is that recently nine largest terminal operators and shipping companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in order to develop and launch an open blockchain-based platform.

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