Blockchain protocol EOS found itself at the center of fresh controversy after evidence emerged on social media appearing to show a moderator reversing transactions which had already been confirmed

On several occasions, the EOS network has been questioned about its decentralization. This time, a screenshot shared on social media shows that EOS has, in fact, been practicing authority over its network.

A Redditor, who goes by AUTI9003, posted a picture which shows that the network arbitrators were in action, reversing confirmed transactions. To resolve a dispute between two account holders, a ‘judge’ referred to verses from EOS’ constitution. The claimant reportedly accused an unidentified individual of possessing the private keys to its account through a phishing attempt. To resolve the problem, the network chose Ben Gates as an arbitrator, under the management of another individual known as Moti Tabulo.

EOS centralization debate continues as arbitrator rules to reverse transactions from accounts-BCFocus

“Under the powers afforded to me as arbitrator under article 6 of the Rules of Dispute Resolution, I, Ben Gates, rules that the EOS account in dispute should be returned to the claimant with immediate effect and that the freeze over the assets within the said account is removed,” the post shared on Reddit stated.

This was soon followed by criticism where people debated as to why anyone would use EOS over a bank account and traditional legal system. In fact, blockchain testing firm Whiteblock recently found that the network had fewer features of a decentralized blockchain than that of a cloud computing service.

The AUTI9003 thread on Reddit also was filled with similar comments. Amid the centralization and decentralization debate, a Redditor named CarInABoxx also questioned the project over its scalability solutions.

“Let’s say that 100 accounts get phished in an attack. Each of them creates a “case” on the EOS portal, each of them present evidence, the other party responds, then the EOS gods come to a decision,” the Redditor wrote. “From this ruling it takes almost a month or more from freezing the account, hearing both sides, taking a decision.”

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