Einc partnership with world’s first online skills assessment platform based on the blockchain technology – Equate

Einc is driven by a desire to build decentralized marketplaces where the value from rent-seeking middlemen is redistributed to individual buyers & sellers. Our core mission is to reduce transaction fees and promote free and transparent commerce to communities around the world.


Equate is the world’s first online skills assessment platform based on the blockchain technology. It is a decentralized Online Assessments platform that tackles the issue of corruption in examinations and manipulation of evaluation results at an infrastructure and protocol level by leveraging Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts.

A huge scam in the name of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ runs in the world today including money laundering by corporates via NGO’s and using CSR for tangible returns, misdirection of funds & Bribery.

Equate removes all intermediaries & keeps a record of all transactions while ensuring payment conformity by using smart contracts. Moreover, EQUATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM enables corporates & charitable organizations to pay for the scholarship of students on the basis of their results and assessments thereby creating a transparent & hassle free scholarship awarding system.

About EtherInc

EtherInc is a fork of Ethereum to power the future of organizations — the First live project to create digital organizations based on cryptographic proof instead of trust. organizations can operate democratically and transparently with the consensus of its shareholders, without the need of a trusted third party and/or costly intermediaries. Einc is the only live functional DAO platform currently in existence. Einc is the fork of Ethereum and more than 1,500 decentralized organizations have already been created using the eInc protocol, with more than 86,000 transactions processed on the main net.

“Einc is excited to collaborate with Equate and is confident that the eInc protocol meets all the attributes required to successfully structure a decentralised organisation for the Equate Foundation

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Source: https://perhalic.com/einc-partnership-worlds-first-online-skills-assessment-platform-based-on-the-blockchain-technology-equate/