Encrypgen provides customers and partners best-in-class, next generation, blockchain security for protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data

Although the company has only been around for a few years, it appears to be a major player in the genomic blockchain security space. Security breaches at Ancestry.com and privacy concerns at 23andMe have created a void that Encrypgen hopes to fill.

Price Action

Earlier this week, Encrypgen reached a significant milestone after launching its Gene-Chain beta platform. DNA token is soaring by 20% since the announcement on Wednesday evening.

Encrypgen is far ahead of schedule since the initial expectation was the end of August. The company expects the final live version of the Gene-Chain to be available by the end of September. DNA is a utility token so platform usage will determine its value. DNA is inching its way closer to the finish line and traders appear to be backing it.

Since August 1, DNA is one of the best performing ERC20 tokens. I created a list of the top 50 ERC20 tokens and analyzed their returns since August 1. None of them have a positive return. In comparison, DNA has generated a 7% return during the same period. While the return is negligible compared to the fall 2017, it’s still a positive development. Especially since the price rise coincides with a major development milestone.

Encrypgen Value Proposition

Genetics is playing an increasingly pivotal role in the world of drug discovery. Researchers use genetic data to help them understand how diseases start and how they progress. One of the main reasons that Encrypgen caught my attention is that it is attempting to fill a real world void as a few of the largest non-crypto companies are facing serious issues. Two of those companies are Ancestry.com and 23andMe.

Ancestry.com is the most popular genealogical and family tree tracking company. Unfortunately, it appears that popularity comes at a cost. In December, a server on the company’s RootsWeb service exposed a file that has usernames, email addresses and passwords of 300,000 registered users. The stolen information was then leaked and posted online in plain text.

Another popular company in the industry, 23andMe, has its own issues regarding privacy. Lawmakers and consumers are expressing concern regarding privacy after a consumer submits their genetic test to the company. This is especially true in light of the recent $300 million collaboration deal that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) struck with 23andMe.

Encrypgen’s Gene-Chain platform appears to be the answer to the problem. Consumers will be able to upload their genetic data via Encrypgen’s secure portal which then goes into the company’s database. That data will then be secured with the company’s Gene-Chain. One of the most interesting parts is that consumers get paid when researchers want to purchase their data. According to a recent article from Reuters, consumers can expect an average payment of $130 each time that researchers buy their data. This is an excellent way for consumers to generate passive income.


Investors need to keep their eyes on Encrypgen as the company finalizes its Gene-Chain platform. With the recent price action, the coming catalysts, and the compelling value proposition, the DNA token may be one to begin accumulating.

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Source: https://hacked.com/encrypgen-beta-launch-sends-token-soaring/