U.S. multinational IT company IBM plans to use Blockchain to aid scientific research and provide a record of its results

IBM has filed a new patent, “Blockchain for Open Scientific Research”, aimed at using blockchain technology to aid scientific studies and provide a “tamper resistant log of scientific research”.

The patent application lays out a system of dynamic collaboration whereby researchers can track their work across institutional borders.

The patent stated: “The blockchain system can form a blockchain representing a research project, wherein the blockchain comprises a first block of research data and a second block of analysis data representing a log of an analysis performed on the research data.

“Summary blocks and correction blocks can also be added to the blockchain representing the post analysis of the research results,” it added.

The patent was first filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office in December 2017 and aimed to create a comprehensive platform for holistic and collaborative scientific research. According to the patent, “currently, there are limited platforms that allow for sharing information about scientific research and showing transparent data collection and analysis steps”.

It is the latest in a large number of blockchain-related patents that the legacy tech giant has been filing recently in an effort to democratize the technology, encourage utilization of the tech for areas other than finance and generally establish itself as a blockchain leader.

In September, it was revealed that IBM had filed the second most blockchain patents at 89, beaten by Alibaba who had filed 90. Although with the number of patents that IBM has been filing in the months since it is more than likely that IBM has now claimed the top spot.

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Source: https://channels.theinnovationenterprise.com/articles/ibm-to-use-blockchain-to-aid-scientific-research